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Sudoku Expert 2702027020 (18 ratings)
CM8765, CM8831, CM11694, Diogenes, CM14829, CM15076, Pete Finley WV, CM19352, CM19719, CM20404, Dawie101, CM22887, ZAZ0256, CM24873, CM28013, CM28078, SMJ, pinkfloyd091
My first platinum !!   I love sudoku!   im fucking great at this shit smd   my pc did the job in 3 millisecons.   Beyond evil   Wow, I needed a spreadsheet to help me with this one.   Wow! It was hard!   Great!   Brute Force Algorithm took about 8 minutes on an android emulator   maaaaannnn....   too easy gaezz   Easy as fuck booooiiiiiii Fucking suduko failiuers   Hardest one ever.   I like to see more.   Pinkfloyd   Pinkfloyd blonde platinum   Hello blonde platinum solution   Platinum   Platinum solution   Blonde platinum   Animals   ₩₩₩.☆¤~%   有點簡單   Blonde l latinum marie field   You Must need to know where to do attempts, in this puzzle there are a lot of candidates, but the key to solve it, was to do many attempts on the box 1. After doing some attempts you will reach the solution with not many difficulties. I say it's a good pu   Fix it record   ¶¶¶¶©©®®   IZ   WORLD RECORD BOISSSS!!!!!!! 12:45 IS THE LOWEST LEGIT TIME LES
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