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Sudoku Easy 3098130981 (333 ratings)
λολα, CM10498, CM10939, CM10954, CM11015, CM11016, CM11112, CM11585, CM11896, CM12006, CM12956, CM13209, CM13244, CM13279, CM13629, CM13671, CM13767, CM13768, CM13871, CM13929, CM13941, CM14031, CM14033, CM14046, CM14252, CM14465, CM14508, CM14651, CM14753, CM14815, CM14845, CM14983, CM15438, CM15800, CM15971, CM16009, CM16124, CM16474, CM16572, CM16588, CM16795, CM16916, CM16956, CM17114, CM17128, CM17363, CM17503, CM17593, CM17766, CM17830, CM17858, CM18032, CM18094, CM18392, CM18398, CM18401, CM18402, CM18427, CM18436, CM18438, CM18442, CM18443, CM18465, CM18467, CM18476, CM18478, CM18481, CM18492, CM18494, CM18500, CM18505, CM18520, CM18523, CM18544, CM18570, CM18572, CM18628, CM18649, CM18658, CM18662, CM18671, CM18706, CM18845, CM18852, CM18889, CM18907, CM18945, CM18946, CM18963, CM18976, CM19001, CM19070, CM19085, CM19144, CM19148, CM19204, CM19221, CM19340, CM19433, CM19437, CM19495, CM19496, CM19597, CM19614, CM19628, CM19665, CM19667, CM19676, CM19745, CM19764, CM19913, CM19955, CM19976, CM19999, CM20003, CM20291, CM20337, CM20414, CM20644, CM20681, CM20797, CM20813, CM20895, CM20937
I love you   عالی هست .من عاشقم   :)   A nice twist with the hart... :)   alright   bit of fun, thanks   Cute!   easy   easy   Enjoyed playing   Fácil muy fácil jeje   Fun :), but in a horribly boring and kept me entertained for 5 minutes way   fun and simple   Fun enough. Was a bit intoxicated when I played it, so probably not the best time haha   general   good   good game   Good when you're tired.   Good. I like it.   Great   Great fun   hahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa   I am happy   I am the best   I do too   I lick to play Sudoku....   I like it   i like it so much becuse it cause increse my selef confidence so i am happy   I like soduku it increase my IQ   I like this   I like this sudoku lot   i love playing   I love this puzzle?   I love you too   I USE SUDOKU AS BRAIN TR
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