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Sudoku Evil 113044113044 (2 ratings)
CM20324, CM20953
I love this Sudoku
Sudoku Evil 8094780947 (2 ratings)
CM22059, CM20953
I love this Sudoku
Sudoku Evil 5311153111 (4 ratings)
CM20953, nigel, CM8886, mags45
good   Way too easy. Still, lots of times posted are BS.
Sudoku Evil 5017050170 (2 ratings)
CM25356, CM20953
I love this Sudoku
Sudoku Easy 3098130981 (320 ratings)
CM27280, CM27275, CM24083, CM27125, NOTTODDY, CM26929, CM26486, CM26483, CM26393, CM26272, CM26178, CM26138, CM25999, CM25884, CM25831, λολα, CM25598, CM25553, CM25515, CM25294, CM25287, CM25261, CM25171, CM22921, CM24841, CM21474, CM24814, CM24598, KittyCatLover, CM24491, CM24210, CM23954, CM23914, CM23291, CM23171, CM23118, CM23112, CM23075, CM23034, CM22928, CM22851, CM22726, CM22725, CM22699, CM22659, CM22576, CM22332, CM22314, CM22274, CM22222, CM22206, CM22014, CM21430, CM21937, CM21926, CM21893, CM21813, CM21758, CM21729, CM21543, kywoodbutcher, CM20953, kjesz1992, CM21000, CM20973, CM20971, CM20961, CM20937, CM20895, CM20813, CM20797, CM20681, CM20644, CM20414, CM20337, CM20291, CM20003, CM19999, CM19976, CM19955, CM19913, CM19764, CM19745, CM19676, CM19667, CM19665, CM19628, CM19614, CM19597, CM19496, CM19495, CM19437, CM19433, CM19340, CM19221, CM19204, CM19148, CM19144, CM19085, CM19070, CM19001, CM18976, CM18963, CM18946, CM18945, Jba, CM18907, CM18889, CM18852, CM18845, CM18706, CM18662, CM18671, CM18658, CM18649, CM18628, CM18572, CM18570, CM18544, CM18523, CM18520, CM18505, CM18
meow   Good. I like it.   I like soduku it increase my IQ   easy   good game   Great fun   I love this puzzle?   sanky   I like this   super easy   :)   i like it so much becuse it cause increse my selef confidence so i am happy   alright   ok   mn   very cute   Very very interesting   Very easy but I am not at conscious. So it take very long time   bit of fun, thanks   way to hard   I like it   love it   oh yeah   I USE SUDOKU AS BRAIN TRAINING GAME SINCE MY BAD ACCIDENT. IT IS SO COOL AND I IMPROVED A LOT   general   I am happy   easy   I do too   too easy   I like this sudoku lot   Who doesn't love Sudoku? :)   I love you too   good   Very fun!   it is really easy   Way easy!   Thank you!   I am the best   Fun :), but in a horribly boring and kept me entertained for 5 minutes way   Fácil muy fácil jeje   Yeshahahyahooooooooohehehe   potato   Nop   voe gie   Cute!   A nice twist with the hart... :)   sudoku   Fun enough. Was a bit intoxicated when I played it, so probab
Sudoku Evil 2776827768 (2 ratings)
CM20953, moses40
super game
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