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Play the best sudoku shared by the surfers. The black grids are the most difficult and the green the easiests. Blue are medium and red are expert.
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Sudoku Expert 5681956819 (18 ratings)
Blue45 , CM14721, CM19861, CM24227, CM5743, CM9564, CM9837, CM9872, Diogenes, Doraymi, next, NKS, notrelevant, SlowButSure, SMJ, sparky, Ste, szc
Done   Great day🎉   Not that hard.   OK   Straightforward   valen   Very Nice.   w305
Sudoku Evil 5681856818 (9 ratings)
adn91440, CM5607, CM9564, CM9837, CM9872, moses40, SMJ, sparky, ZANUDA
Go Brewers!   good   Lovely   Not that hard.
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