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Play the best sudoku shared by the surfers. The black grids are the most difficult and the green the easiests. Blue are medium and red are expert.
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SELECT jeu.contenu, lacoteen.letemps, lacoteen.id_jeu, count(distinct(lacoteen.id_util)) as lenombre, AVG(lacoteen.valeur) as mamoy, AVG(lacoteen.diffi) as ladiffi, GROUP_CONCAT(distinct(MEMBRES.pseudo)) as joueurs, GROUP_CONCAT(distinct(lacoteen.comm),'XX') as lescomm, GROUP_CONCAT(MEMBRES.pseudo) as alljoueurs, GROUP_CONCAT(lacoteen.letemps) as alltemps FROM lacoteen,MEMBRES, jeu where lacoteen.id_util=MEMBRES.ID and group by lacoteen.id_jeu having INSTR(joueurs, 'CM27728')>0 order by lacoteen.id_jeu DESC limit 0,12