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Play the best sudoku shared by the surfers. The black grids are the most difficult and the green the easiests. Blue are medium and red are expert.
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Sudoku Expert 2702027020 (16 ratings)
CM11694, CM14829, CM15076, CM19352, CM20404, CM22887, CM24873, CM28013, CM28078, CM8765, CM8831, Dawie101, Diogenes, Pete Finley WV, pinkfloyd091, ZAZ0256
₩₩₩.☆¤~%   Animals   Beyond evil   Blonde l latinum marie field   Blonde platinum   Fix it record   Great!   hello   Hello blonde platinum solution   I love sudoku!   My first platinum !!   my pc did the job in 3 millisecons.   Platinum solution   Wow! It was hard!   Wow, I needed a spreadsheet to help me with this one.   ®®®©   ¶¶¶¶©©®®
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