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Sudoku Evil 7606076060 (6 ratings)
BeyondEvil, CM14192, CM14244, Diogenes, Erasmus, Pete Finley WV
Agreed. It sure is a challenge.   Beyond Evil. High frustration factor.   This is beyond evil. Give it try if you want a real challenge. Not quite in the blonde platinum league but needs a similar technique.   Very channeling pozzle   Wow. This game is indeed a tricky one to solve. I lost my logic trail a couple of times and ended up starting over twice.
Sudoku Expert 2702027020 (16 ratings)
CM11694, CM14829, CM15076, CM19352, CM20404, CM22887, CM24873, CM28013, CM28078, CM8765, CM8831, Dawie101, Diogenes, Pete Finley WV, pinkfloyd091, ZAZ0256
₩₩₩.☆¤~%   Animals   Beyond evil   Blonde l latinum marie field   Blonde platinum   Fix it record   Great!   hello   Hello blonde platinum solution   I love sudoku!   My first platinum !!   my pc did the job in 3 millisecons.   Platinum solution   Wow! It was hard!   Wow, I needed a spreadsheet to help me with this one.   ®®®©   ¶¶¶¶©©®®
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